Jockey wins legal case to wear outrageous suit in Grand National


In a first for the horse racing world jockey Robbie Walsh has today won a landmark legal case allowing him to wear an outrageous 80's style suit for the Aintree Grand National next week. Speaking outside court, Walsh's legal eagle solicitor Henry Oaks said of the case, "This was a big hurdle for us to overcome but we are thrilled that Robbie can finally concentrate on the race, we're hoarse from talking about this suit to be honest."

Riding mare "Always Pranking" Walsh is looking to take on the 4 mile 514m long course wearing an 80's suit complete with matching piano keyboard tie made by Irish company "I think that the other riders were afraid it would give me an advantage due to the slim fit nature of the suit", joked Walsh who will be riding in his first Aintree Grand National in Liverpool this year, he continued "I never believed that this was an issue although I do feel that the style gives myself and my mare confidence for the race, I'm an 80's child after all and sure it will be a bit of craic, if I win I can keep the suit on for the post race dinner."

Shown Above: Walsh wearing the suit in a trial race on horse Always Pranking

Following the case Walsh has now been given special dispensation by the jockey club to switch from the owners silks to the 80's suit for the race. Owner Jay Kidding who is waiving the need to wear his colours for the day was upbeat about the idea. "We actually think now that the style will add to the race and I wouldn't be surprised if next year there are more than a few riders wearing these type of suits". The suit itself is emblazoned with 80's icons such as Cassette tapes, Ghetto Blasters and Floppy Discs, Walsh will also be wearing a matching piano necktie. This whole idea came about due to a friendship between the owner and Walsh after a joke they shared about getting a horse to wear one of their suits got a bit out of hand. 

For the race itself, Walsh is confident, especially with his mare winning last month with his sister Jessie on board, "Always Pranking used to be Jessie's Girl", quipped Walsh, "but I'm hungry like the wolf to win this race and considering she is such a stayer don't stop believing that she will win because under pressure it's like she is walking on sunshine and she just can't get enough, I don't even have to push it, it's as if she looks at me and says I will win with or without you."

There has been mixed reaction from the horse racing public so far on Twitter. 

Shown Below: The actual 80s Suit which Walsh will wear.

What do you think? Should suits stay on the punters or do jockeys deserve to look great?

Article first published April 1st 2017

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