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At Fruitysuits we genuinely love to have fun and that's why we started this company. Fruitysuits are quality slim fit suits made to stand out from the bunch. We create crazy designs but ensure these designs are matched with great quality so you can maintain your style while standing out.  

We came up with Fruitysuits to make people smile and so far we have achieved that in spades. We have yet to put on a Fruitysuit without getting a smile, a laugh, a picture request. We will continue with our aim as we bring out more and more designs and look forward to seeing the smiles on everyones faces. 

Fruitysuits, stand out from the bunch!

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What can we say, we love them!

If there is one thing our team are proud of it's our products, we road test them in all sorts of conditions to ensure not only that they are great quality and great designs but also to make sure that they stand out and provide the best reactions from the wearer and those who are lucky enough to see someone wearing a Fruitysuit. We want your suit to make people happy!

We would love to see pictures of you in your Fruitysuit so please share it on our Facebook page, also if you think we should be making a certain type of suit let us know there too! Just click HERE 

You didn't come to spoil the party, you came to make it!


That is the best suit I have ever seen, EVER!

Guy at the races

Man we should have charged people 10 bucks for a picture with us. Amazing.


Shut up and take my money!