We already make a range of suits that make you stand out from the bunch but if you have your own idea and can match our minimum order quantity then we can put your design on a suit for you.

Teams and Events

If you want to make your team stand out when arriving at an event or if you want to sell merchandised suits in your club shop just get in touch through the email below. We can use your existing logos/designs etc to create amazing suits, or else our team can come up with a design just for you.

Corporate, Business and Promotions

There is a reason that most companies have a casual Friday, because inside all the corporate buildings there is an energy trying to break out. Harness that by creating the perfect corporate suit for your employees or for special gifts to your clients. Better yet, running promotions for your business? Then let them know you're there by wearing a suit that stands out from miles away.

If any of this interests you then get in touch by emailing custom@fruitysuits.com minimum orders apply.